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New additions to Instagram in 2018 just keeping coming. We take a look at the latest features appearing across the platform.

Instagram’s newest feature is already proving to be a hit, opening up a host of new opportunities to be creative with videos.
When it comes to influencer marketing and its effectiveness at generating leads and driving sales, do you know the fact from the fiction?  
What does it take to be one step ahead of Google's algorithm? Find out how you can maintain your place at the top of the results page! 
Profiling your ideal customer is a the best marketing strategy you can produce.  Social data, demographics and personas will lead the way to new potential customers! 
Check out 5 important reasons why you should start a blog right now!
Find out how best to approach summer content and gain as much impetus as possible from this dynamic seasonal phenomenon
Content scoring is an excellent tool for maximising the effectiveness of your content. Check out these 5 points to see how you can optimize conversion opportunities through the strategic placement.
New trends in social media are affecting the way marketers approach their  work. See a list of what's trending and how to approach this band of newcomer platforms.
When it comes to brand reputation, effective market placement, lead generation and eventually, sales volume, effective content is the jewel in the crown of any successful marketing strategy! 
Has social media run out of steam or is it still a useful tool in promoting a brand's online presence?
Unsure about how to create videos your audience wants to watch? We've got 12 winning suggestions on how to ensure your videos capture their attention and go viral!
Personalisation can be a powerful tool in a brand's marketing strategy but there are pitfalls to watch out for!
Here are some great tips from Saba for companies starting out on their marketing journey
Saba suggests trying some strategic inbound marketing to help the reader get luckier in love this Valentine’s Day
Your website and its content is the gateway to effective lead attraction and conversion. Don't ignore the importance of keeping content fresh and up-dated or your audience will soon lose interest. 
In 2017, we explored how to grab the attention of your audience. But what does 2018 have in store for us? What direction is content heading to?
Applying the theory of storytelling to a marketing context may seem like trying to harness the impalpable. We know it increases website visits but how do you go about creating a story that will increase a company’s sales?
It's time to plan your inbound marketing budget for next year. Read on to get the best budgeting tips for 2018!
You've been wondering how many times should you post on social media to increase your audience engagement - wonder no more. Read on to get the best posting tips for every social media platform!
Email as a marketing tool is a serious business and must be optimized if you don’t want your emails to remain unopened. We have a few tips to help you turn an email campaign around and boost your Open Rate.
Corporate storytelling is an essential tool if you want to stand out in a world overflowing with voices clamouring to be heard. But just getting your story out there isn’t enough. It needs to be told well. Here we give you hands-on tips to write engaging content for your business.
If you need your website to stand out and pull in more visitors, apply the following 15 easy moves and see what a difference it makes to your traffic!
We all use stories in our everyday lives – to relate experiences, tell jokes, or teach others – so it makes sense that storytelling would be an essential part of doing business, too.
The ever-shifting nature of modern communications means that businesses simply have to stay ahead of the game to the best of their ability. Automated marketing software, when used to its full potential, is a company’s most efficient way to see an improvement in their ROI.
Getting your product out into the market is not always an easy proposition. Automated Marketing software is how it’s done these days. Take a look at how you can save time and maximize your efforts to find and convert new potential clients, keep existing customers happy and grow your business.
"Studies show that on average a reader leaves a website within 20 seconds." So how does one capture a reader's attention long enough for them to convert into prospects? 

For manufacturing companies, customers are most interested in the quality, innovation and safety of their products. In this case, use the opportunity to use online marketing to provide thought leadership and gain trust.

Public perception of an industry is reflected in the story it tells about itself. Simply having a presence on the web isn’t enough to alter the awareness of what who you are and what you do.

Learn the right way to maximize the positive effects of Instagram on your brand.
Personalised communications remain at the heart of all good business relationships. Learn how to approach Marketing Emails in order to make the most of their impact.
Trends drive waves of consumer purchasing decisions and are very useful tool in predicting the direction of new inventions, styles and opinion. Learn how to encompass them in your marketing strategy.
Occasion –based marketing offers an opportunity to link your brand with major public occasions. Start by identifying the moments when prospective buyers are more receptive to your marketing campaign.
With the war between real news and fake news rampaging on and on, consumers are looking for transparency and trust. Be sure to be the one to grant them that.
How do you keep your audience and get new customers in the process? You need good quality authentic content.
Follow our tips on why you should be putting out great content that will work for you, and get you the love you deserve!
Ramadan campaigns have always been something we love to work on, and here are three such campaigns that have proved successful for us!

Creating great shareable content can be quite challenging. But do not despair! Here, we share with you 5 E's-y steps to creating great content that your customers will want to share!

Rope in your audiences through inviting them to be active participants to your content! Learn more through our handy infographic.
Why isn't your SEO ever where you want it to be? It's no longer just about words - it's about the quality of your content as well, along with other things.
Facebook remains the world’s largest social media platform thanks to constant innovation - and their revolutionary way of sharing videos.
Would you like to have your very own AI, akin to Jarvis from Iron Man? Read this article to see if it could be a possibility! 
It might not be the only marketing left but it is the only one worth doing at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

Are you still hesitating to indulge in video marketing?  After all, it can be quite a dent in the wallet. However, social media has made things easier on everyone.

From University dropout to multi-millionaire and now full-time traveller; this is the story of Garrett Gee and his “Bucket List Family”.

No, not dollars - we're talking about the number of active social media users worldwide. 
It's not enough to know your business inside out - you need to know your audience too. Find out why and how!
Marketers keep updating their techniques with the advents of new technology - so why not Virtual Reality?
A simple and informative infographic about Content Marketing vs Traditional Marketing.
6 Reasons to stop making online ads - save your budget by following our tips! 
Most online searches now begin from a smartphone. Make sure your website is optimised for mobile use and protect your Google ranking.
Trends are the new key events that a business or brand must harness in order to thrive in the new digital world. The secret in in knowing how to spearhead them by knowing where to find them, how to adopt them and how to maximize their potential.
Define your public, listen to and identify their needs then focus on communicating your engagement with them and they will take you right to the top!
Customers want to be heard by, listened to and acknowledged by their favourite brands. By engaging in a conversation with your followers, you bring them into the fold and you put them exactly where they want to be.
If your marketing strategy has stalled, take a look at these 5 crucial tactics to put your brand back in the game!
Content Marketing is your new best friend. The statistics speak for themselves. If in any doubt, take a look at the figures.
Don’t miss out on the bandwagon. Take a look at what’s new out there and see if the new vogues have a future role for your brand.
Take a look at how much Marketing Content has changed in almost 300 years!
Here are 5 very good reasons why your business needs Content Marketing!
Information that benefits your customers? How does that work?
Content Marketing has been around a long time. How it is presented and why is new.
How we used good content, motion graphics and relevant information to promote health and fitness during the 2015 Ramadan.
Motion graphics, when dictated by strict time limits, can be quite challenging. Fortunately, we love a challenge!
Story telling has been a common feature of Levantine society since time immemorial, and what’s more, these Hakawatis around still very much around.
Pronounced Assaba in Arabic, it refers to the gentle dawn wind that arises from the East, just like the storytellers it represents.
Join us in observing Earth Hour, not just on the day but throughout the year. Find tips on how to do it on our social media channels.
A wealth of useful and heartening information to sustain you and support you throughout Ramadan.
The true of art of storytelling is was encapsulated long ago in the most popular of the ancient tales of the East
We genuinely believe in what we do and because of our convictions, we also do it very well!.

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