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Do not miss these summer content ideas!

By Saba on 12/06/2018
Find out how best to approach summer content and gain as much impetus as possible from this dynamic seasonal phenomenon
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No other season brings about a greater change in our outlook than summer. It affects people in hot and cold climates equally because it’s less about the weather and more about what happens at this time of year How weather affects our mood. First, there’s the ‘no-school for weeks’ phenomenon which affects everyone, not least because there’s no homework, drop-offs or exams! Second, it’s the vacation and relaxation season, even if involves staying at home. Third, it’s the time of year we most want to interact with the great outdoors and nature largely because we identify them as being good for our health and our mental well being. Last but certainly not least, it is unarguably the time when we are most likely to indulge ourselves. Retail therapy becomes a must, forbidden foods are allowed and time off is in order! So why not join in? Make sure your content is optimised for the summer season then sit back and enjoy.


Tweak your design

Summer content has to reflect all the characteristics of the season, namely it is must be fresh, it has to be highly engaging, sentient, atmospheric and motivating Summer content. Your content has to ensure that it looks up-to-date and relevant. Visitors will be invigorated by the new season and will have slightly different priorities brought about by the pervading holiday mindset. Make sure your headlines are eye-catching. Use clear short sentences with easy fonts and lots of bright colours, especially yellow and sky blue Free content demo. Editorially, this is the time of year when you can ease up on the gravitas and indulge in some fun by using a lighter tone of voice and inserting some fun graphics. The top three content marketing tactics are blogging (65%), social media (64%), and case studies (64%, LinkedIn. The statistics about content don’t change, only the tenor Summer Content Statistics


Retarget your message

Relevant content will be about vacations, graduations, new sporting venues, outdoor activities like picnics, beach Bar-B-Qs, family gatherings, group socialising. Throw in some shareable activities like sports events, championships, new exhibitions, new blockbuster films, dance events and new restaurant openings. Social media is the leading platform for the most popular trends so make sure your content is out there, and while you're at it, do make sure your summer content is mobile friendly, it is the ‘outdoor’ away-from-the-sofa season after all! Aim for unique material such as videos and downloadable guides. Be a little more personal and share details of employee’s achievements such as volunteering, sports awards, or adventurous travel plans. This is the time to tell your story because something about this season makes people more open to new experiences. 


Engage with your social calendar

Summer content marketing is akin to working in the fashion industry. When the season changes, all the greys, the blacks and the dark browns have to be stored away to make room for the bright yellows, the sea blues, and the whites. The fabrics change from heavy wool to light cottons, calicoes and linen. The priority changes from keeping the air out to letting as much air in, so take a look at the calendar and pin point major holidays like the 4th of July or National Junk Food day (21st of July) Calendar Tips. Unless you’re in retail, geography plays a less vital role in our web-centred world these days. After all, just about everyone celebrates both Eid Ramadan and Christmas and mountain ski resorts morph into specialist climbing, trekking, rafting and ziplining centres Colorado resorts.

Recycle your best content

Just because it doesn’t spring to mind at the moment doesn’t mean it has no topical significance. Good content is timeless, it will just need a few amendments to make it summer ready. Add some bright positive graphics, apply your new summer collection of fonts, colours, and tone, reposition for maximum exposure and you’re good to go. Just make sure it really is relevant to the prevailing mindset. Try out new eye-catching how-to articles with titles such as The Must Have Summer Checklist or How To Use Summer To Do The Things You Never Have Time For.

However you decide to approach it, summer content has one thing that simply cannot be overlooked. Time. What is created to engage with a leisure-minded audience is simply not applicable to Autumn. Activities and priorities then revert to efficiency and productivity not to relaxation and indulgence. Plan, design and produce your summer content Content is the buzzword as early as possible and you’ll have time to do those things you never have time for… 




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