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Media, PR, & Events - Investment Corporation Dubai

The Challenge

Investment Corporation Dubai is a big sponsor of large events and is called upon to set up a stand or a booth at said conferences.

ICD does not have much to showcase by way of products or projects or services. Brochures and handouts are therefore irrelevant. Yet it is important to use the occasion to engage with visitors. How?

The Solution

We created an interactive application that plays on a several meters wide touch-screen mounted on a long gallery-type free-standing wall.

Visitors can come up to the wall, tap the screen to reveal information, data, play a video, or flip through pictures of the subsidiary companies under the ICD umbrella.

The Result

Audiences were both entertained and informed about ICD in an interactive and efficient way.

The activity was also synergistic with ICD positioning and weight as a sovereign fund.

Topics: interactive content, visual content, corporate awareness

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