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Storytelling - Investment Corporation Dubai

The Challenge

ICD's subsidiaries are by far bigger household names than ICD. For the longest time, Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) was little known to the general public. The owner of Emirates Airline, Emaar, ENBD, and ENOC amongst other gems, preferred to stay out of the limelight. As its portfolio grew and diversified, it became important for the parent to communicate its mission.

We were assigned the task of communicating ICD, as if for the first time, to the public at large, local and international.

The Solution

To ensure that everyone learned - and never forgot - what ICD and its mission are, and fully understood its importance to Dubai’s economy, we opted to emphasize the  subsidiaries again, leading the viewer to deduce that those companies together made up most of what makes Dubai, and then presented the companies collectively as ICD. 

We also borrowed imagery from the polygons of Islamic art to affirm the impression of harmony and cohesion. Those were applied using each company’s branding, colors, and feel.

We borrowed from “the hub” image of Dubai and created a hub of activity around points that were connected to one another. ICD connected the points, once connected, together, these points created the perfect geometry and harmony.

We used a beautiful narrative that connected the companies together, and strengthened the link between them. Towards the end, all the points came together with a grandiose ending, revealing that they are all part of one picture, that of the Investment Corporation of Dubai.

The Result

This motion graphic video continues to engage viewers who are left with a lasting impression of the strong positioning and value of ICD in the Dubai.

The video is played at stands and on stage at all ICD sponsored events.

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