Inbound Marketing

for Industrial Manufacturing


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Marketing Technology has reached the point of sophistication where it is dynamic and flexible enough to cater for the manufacturing industry.

Inbound methodology focuses on using content marketing to deliver information relevant to targeted users, enabling businesses to educate, entertain and assist customers throughout their buyer journeys.

Using a Content Optimisation System, businesses can strategically plan to produce, distribute and manage high quality content on multiple digital platforms, track and analyse data to identify potential prospects and adjust and personalise marketing campaigns to effectively convert interested marketing leads into buying customers and ambassadors of the brand.

We use digital marketing tactics to make businesses more visible and enable them to reach and engage with customers in meaningful, time and cost-effective ways. 


Corporate film for Pan Gulf Industrial Investment (2015). Corporate storytelling introduces the holding and its subsidiaries. 

Our Inbound Marketing Methodology

The more specialized your product is, the more the need to for you to be visible to the right audience. In the era of the informed customer, your clients will want to research the solutions they need, and in the process get to know everything about you and your offering - or not!  - before you even know they exist.

If you do not show up in their search results, then you do not exist.

That is why we create and publish the content that will answer your prospectove customers' questions and attract them to you. 

Choose transparency. It helps your business grow.

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Strategy development

Simply put, having a documented content strategy specifically aimed at your sales goals will help you and your team deliver your short and long term results more efficiently and more effectively.


Get Found, Get Traffic

67% of manufacturing marketers use site traffic as their primary measure of success. Keyword research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, content promotion and social media drive traffic to your website.


Content Creation

Our keyword research, blogging, content publicity and social media strategies actively create your optimized presence on the web.



By creating content that your audiences will love, we convert interest into leads. Their contact information is collected from online forms, calls-to-action and landing pages. This is where your prospective new clients begin to interact with you.


Lead nurturing

Our customer relationship management or CRM team will propose strategies for you to manage and analyse your relationships and interactions with both your existing customers and potential new customers.


Regular reports and analyses

We analyse every aspect of your marketing activity. We gather data about your customers from their interactions with the content we create including surveys,  smart content analysis, social media, and website hits . We then turn that data into tools and take proactive steps to turn interested parties into clients.

Corporate film for GSW (2017). Corporate  storytelling introduces facilities and cutting edge technology and capabilities; ability to innovate custom-made solutions.