Our Methodology

To write the content that helps your business grow, we apply a strict process of production, applying a "buddy system" and peer revision at every stage of the creative process to ensure quality and timely delivery.

We have a huge database of storytellers producing content in both editorial and visual form. Importantly, our contributors produce organic content in native Arabic and English.

We are not a matching platform, we take ownership for your project and assume responsibility for quality standard and timely delivery.

Our methodology for attracting new customers is anchored in ensuring that all your audiences’ enquiries or questions about their business are answered by you; are answered by you first, before they ask the questions, are answered by you fully, more informatively, more openly, and more transparently.

Therefore, the first step in our methodology is to ask – and answer - every possible question that a potential customer could ask of your business, and write a blog with the answer. No question is too tough, no mountain too high!

Only after we analyze your competition, and put them on our radar screen to know who they are and how they are doing things, do we start looking at your universe of prospective customers.

To ensure that our efforts at attracting the attention of your prospective customers are of maximum efficacy, we create personas for each type of customer based on needs, interests, learning or buying habits, and/or decision making authority.

We then direct targeted content that is relevant to each persona, not only to capture the attention and drive traffic to your online platform but to engage the user and keep them coming back for more.


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