Content Credit Packages

Our productions are priced in Units of Content Credit. A package is made up of a number of content credit units, that you can draw from to pay for content as and when you need it.

Packages are valid for 3 months, and you can choose the size of package to suit you content requirements during that time. If you use up all your purchased credit and find you need more, you can always top up in increments of 10 units.

Sapphire Package10 credit unit AED 5,000
Ocean Package 20 credit unit AED 9,000 AED
Peacock Package 40 credit unit AED 16,500   
You only pay for
the content you need,
when you need it.


KEY - Basic Package (AED 5,000)

Before you can start using your credit units, a KEY - or basic package - needs to be put in place. A KEY is the strategy elemnet of your content plan. It provides the guidelines and perimeters along which all the content will be created.

The KEY opens up the following services to you:

  • Top and core messaging
  • Persona profiling
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Human Engagement Optimization

A KEY is necessary to ensure that all content is on message, is relevant to your target audience, and is accordingly optimised to attract and retain customer loyalty.

Because messaging and audience profiling must be refreshed on an ongoing basis to ensure the effectiveness of the content in production, KEYs have a validity of 3 months, at the end of which a new KEY will be purchased and automatically put in place.


How to use Content Credit

Each piece of content we produce has an assigned number of content credit units.

Social Media Post (Short) 1 credit Unit
Social Media Post (Long) 2 credit Units
Blog Post (Short: up to 600 words) 3 credit Units
Blog Post (Long: up to 1100 words) 6 credit Units
E-book (up to 2000) 10 credit Units
Newsletter 8 credit Units
Email Campaign 6 credit Units
Landing page (Form) + Thank you page, Follow up email 4 credit Units
Editorial Calendar 9 credit Units
Short Video 14 credit Units


Pricing | Bespoke Packages

For an event driven campaign to be successful, a content cluster, or a series of content pieces, must be planned to ensure maximum efficacy and impact.

Get in touch. We tailor packages to fulfil your campaign objectives.

Give us a short brief of what you aim to achieve and we will find you the right solution at the right price.


Pricing | Featured Packages

Below are a few examples of packaged campaigns that we have on offer at the moment. Please get in touch to take advantage of one of the below offers or to request a campaign tailor-made to your requirements.

Email Marketing
  • Email + 1 offer
  • Landing & Thank you Page +
    Follow Up

Total 13 credits 

Pay for 10 Credits only AED 5,000
Video Marketing
  • Video Script
  • Short Video Production
  • 2 Social Media Posts (Long)

Total 21 credits 

Pay for 18 Credits only AED 9,000
  • 2 Blog Posts (Long)
  • 2 Social Media Posts (Long)
  • Email Campaign

Total 16 credits 

Pay for 13 Credits only AED 6,500