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Inbound marketing Certified
Hubspot marketing software Certified
Hubspot Design Certified
Google Analytics Certified


Sangeeta Singh (Web Manager)

Sangeeta grew up loving magic, but always looking to discover the secrets behind the show. Which is why she codes these days - none of us understand what she's doing, but when she's done - like abracadabra! - magic happens.

From building usable websites, to creating addictive applications, to planning digital marketing strategies, Sangeeta is always in full charge of her web. She possesses many skills and great personal attributes, not least of which is an infectious laugh! 

At Saba Consultants, Sangeeta not only codes for our company and clients, she also makes them rank high on search engines and ensures that they respond to mobile.

When not coding, Sangeeta can be found cooking, doodling, or watching Bollywood movies.