Eid Al Adha Greeting Video -ADCB

Our video production for ADCB this Eid Al Adha went viral on YouTube! By the end of the 3rd day of Eid, the video had amassed close to 2.75 million views on Youtube and 13k shares on facebook!

The success of the video greeting is a reflection of our team's creative and production capabilities, our deep understanding of the Emirati culture, and our obsession with details. From concept, to script and lyrics, to music composition and vocals, to production, and edit, making this video for ADCB has been as pleasurable as watching it go viral everywhere!

The story captures the beauty and joy of celebrating Eid with the family. Showing different cultural aspects of the Emirati and Muslim traditions in celebrating Eid, from meeting up for Eid prayer to the big family gathering. 

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